Welcome ScreenPlease first note that we never collect the data you enter into the app. Upon opening the app you will need to accept the Privacy Policy to proceed. Then tap Start on the introduction screen.

If you wish to use your own photos for the call, tap to grant the app Media access on the dialog box that will appear.

You will be presented with 4 options. Each Option is below. Click an option for a more detailed description.


Options ScreenYou should first select your call screen theme. Tap the eye icon to preview the call theme. Use your device's back button to get back to a previous screen.

After setting your call screen theme, proceed to select your call audio. You are presented with various languages and locales from which a recording will play from the script as outlined here.


Select Photo ScreenFor the best effect, it is highly recommended that you practice making the call and talking with the audio before making actual pranks.

To test a fake call, go to the Select Girlfriend Photo screen and select your perfect match. You will then be taken to the Setup Fake Call screen with your girlfriend's info pre-entered.

Edit the name and phone number to show what you want the fake call screen to say. Then adjust the Start Call delay to tell the app how many seconds to wait until the fake call happens. You can adjust audio volume and vibrate rate if desired.

To initiate the prank call, tap "Start This Call". Then press your home button and wait the amount of time you specified for the call to come in. You can put your phone to sleep as normal if needed.

You can also use a photo you provide as the call photo. To do that, go to the Setup Fake Call screen and tap the photo to change the photo.

Once the call initiates, you can tap the red End button to decline the call. Tapping the green Answer button will start the call. Say hello as usual and follow the script above!

We recommend testing out some calls and practicing the audio portion so that you can make the call appear very authentic!

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Select Audio ScreenThe script for the audio file is the same for all languages and regions. You can see the script below.

---Beginning of audio script. You should say the items in green.
(2 second pause) Hello?
Hey handsome! What are you doing?
(3 second pause) Just busy hanging out with some friends...
Ok when you’re done can you call me back so we can hang out? I miss you.
(3 second pause) Yes, I'll give you a call when I am finished.
Ok, talk to you soon. Bye
(2 second pause) Bye. Then tap red End button on the call.
---End of audio script


Select Girlfriend ScreenTo start a call with a girlfriend photo provided with the app, tap the Select Girlfriend Photo screen. Then scroll down to find your perfect love interest! You will then be taken to the Setup Fake Call screen with the girlfriend you selected as the photo, name and phone number.


Select Call Theme ScreenYou can choose between various call screen themes here. You can test each theme by tapping the eye icon. Use your device's back button to get back to a previous screen. Be sure to tap Save after you have selected your desired theme.


Select Audio ScreenYou can choose between the various pre-recorded call screen themes here. You can test each audio clip by tapping the speaker icon. Be sure to tap Save after you have selected your desired theme. Here are the various prank call audio versions available:

  • English 1-4 / USA
  • English 5 / Australia
  • English 6 / United Kingdom
  • English 7 / India
  • Italian 1 / Italiano
  • Italian 2 / Italiano
  • Spanish / Español
  • German / Deutsche
  • Russian / русский
  • Hindi / हिंदी
  • Chinese / 中文


Start Prank CallWhen you select a girlfriend photo from the app you are brought to the Setup Fake Call screen. If you wish to use a different photo, you can get to this screen directly from the Options screen.

To change the photo, tap the photo and select the photo. You can also edit the name and phone number of the caller. Adjusting the Start Call delay tells the app how many seconds to wait until performing the simulated incoming call.

Adjusting the Audio Volume or Vibrate Rate will determine how loud to play the audio file for this particular fake call and the vibration that occurs once the phone starts ringing.

After you have setup the call the way you want, tap the Start This Call icon. You can then press home then put your phone asleep, or you can press your home button and keep the phone active.

Either way, the call will take place after the amount of seconds you specified. Tap the red End button to decline the call. Tap the green Answer button to start the call.

Be sure to say hello as you normally would. Then follow the script. When the call is complete, tap the end button. Be sure to practice first for best effect! Good Luck!


That's simple. It's because of the audio that sounds so realistic. Your friends will think you are having a real conversation with a beautiful woman.

Use built-in photos and audio to make it seem like you are getting a call from your dream girl. This prank call app is 100% Hilarious and 100% Free!

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